Would you like your package to be inspected upon arrival at our overseas facility to make sure the retailer hasn't deceived you?

Do you want to return a wrongly ordered package to the retailer, without your package traveling unnecessarily to Bulgaria?

Would you like to receive your package immediately after the shipment arrives in Bulgaria, without waiting for the processing to finish?

Do you want repackaging, shipping in a shockproof container, or anything else related to the security of your package?

These are just some of the reasons why you may need to request a VIP service.


You should be a registered user to request a VIP service. Please, register here

  • Open the profile menu by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the page and select VIP .
  • Click New Request and fill it in. It is essential to  enter the tracking number and the country of delivery so we could identify your package once it arrives in our facility abroad. Processing of VIP packages with no tracking number is only possible when you have a VIP subscription (see the information below).
  • Select the type of request.
  • Click Save.

Types of requests

1. VIP Basic – BGN 10/package

  • receiving notification within a few hours of delivery to our address abroad
  • receiving a photo of the packaging and, if requested, a photo of the contents
  • return or forward of package throughout the country of delivery (labels must be provided)
  • possibility to receive your package immediately after unloading the shipment in Bulgaria before processing of all other packages
  • damages that may be suffered through our fault are compensated up to BGN 200

2. VIP Extra - BGN 20 /package
Includes everything featured in the VIP Basic plus:

  • functionality test when possible
  • repackaging option
  • transport in an additional shockproof container
  • return or forward your package to the country of delivery when we arrange the courier (no labels needed)

3. VIP Extra + insurance - BGN 20 /package + 3% of package value

  • to insure a package, it is necessary to select VIP Extra + insurance and submit the package value and a document evidencing the stated value
  • the value of the insurance premium is 3% of the value of the package
  • the condition of the package is certified with photos when it is received at our facility and then the insurance enters into force
  • if an insurance event occurs while the package is in our possession, we refund 100% of the value of the package regardless of whether the event occurred through our fault or a third party's fault

4. VIP Lux + insurance - BGN 50 /package + 3% of package value

  • It is mandatory to use this service for chinaware or sets made of porcelain, glass and other breakable materials consisting of more than 5 pieces.
  • Features the same advantages as VIP Extra + insurance.

VIP subscription

You can also get a VIP subscription to have our special service on all your packages received in the country and enjoy the following advantages:

  • Lower VIP service price – a single package delivery – no discount; two to four packages delivery - 15% discount; 5 or more packages delivery - 30% discount.
  • It is not necessary to provide a tracking number thus running no risk of your package being omitted from VIP service.
  • The  service can be activated or deactivated at all times from the VIP menu in your profile.

Regardless of whether you have an activated VIP service subscription, you can always make a single request for a specific package with tracking number, and it will not be charged against the subscription

Specific features

The request must be created at least 24 hours before the shipment arrives at our address.

The request turns active after approval by an administrator. Request processing is continuous. There may be a minimal delay, but not more than 24 hours the request is received.

If there is an active VIP request for each package received in our database under your name, a check is made with the tracking number you submitted and if there is a match, the package is allocated for the VIP services of your choice.

You receive notifications about a new package and that the VIP request has been carried out.

You get your package with priority according to the selected method of delivery.

This service is not available for packages received in Spain.


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