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We run regular transports from the UK, Germany, and the USA. The current ones are in the tables below.

We only have transports from Bulgaria to the UK and Germany.

Delays are possible due to force majeure (vehicle breakdown, border queues, pandemic restrictions, and other circumstances beyond our control).

For various reasons, shipments can be loaded into several vehicles, yet this does not translate into higher costs and delays.

Changes of departure dates of already scheduled shipments are also possible.

Transport schedule


Transports from Bulgaria to the UK and Germany are not on regular basis. Please, check departure dates for upcoming transports in this section.

# Departure Arrival Status
1197 Bulgaria 18.06.2023 United Kingdom Starting point Bulgaria / Sofia, Mladost

United Kingdom

Transports from the UK depart every Sunday and usually arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. Customs clearance takes one to three days. packages are processed within one or two days.

# Departure Arrival Status
1196 United Kingdom 11.06.2023 Bulgaria Starting point United Kingdom / London


Transports from Germany depart every Friday and usually arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Packages are processed within one or two business days.

Due to processing time, packages received at our facility in Germany  on Friday may not depart with the same-day transport.

# Departure Arrival Status
1195 Germany 09.06.2023 Bulgaria Starting point Germany / Berlin

United States

USA transports depart at the beginning of each month and arrive in 25 - 30 days depending on the number of flights and customs clearance time. Packages received in the US are processed and updated once a week.

Due to processing time, packages received in the last three days before the transport date may not depart with this transport.

# Departure Arrival Status
1191 United States 15.06.2023 Bulgaria Starting point United States / Chicago


Transports from Spain depart every other Friday and arrive in Bulgaria in about two weeks. Packages received in Spain are processed and updated once a week.

Due to processing time, packages received on Thursday may not depart with the Friday transport.

# Departure Arrival Status
1181 Spain 01.05.2023 Bulgaria Starting point Spain / Madrid

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