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When your parcel arrives in our office in Sofia, you have four ways to receive it:


Receive it in person in our office in Sofia

We are going to be glad to see you and handle your items to you in person. We can discuss on how you can shop more easilly and of course you can jangle on us if haven't been the best couriers in the world. :)

Main office: "Mladost" 1-А, bl. 553, office 7

Working hours: Mon - Fri: 10.00 – 20.00; Sat: 11.00 – 16.00


Office "West": "Lyulin" 10, 23 Evropa Blvd. Temporary closed

Working hours: Mon - Fri: 10.00 – 13.00, 14.00 – 19.00

We don't serch for or hand out shipments under 10 kg. before you have received an email stating that the shipment is ready for pick up even if the shipment is located at our warehouse.


Delivery to "Econt" office

We can send to any location in the country with the most popular courier.

You'll have 20% discount from Econt's tarif

You pay your GGBG fee by cash on delivery


Econt delivery to your address

We can send to any address in the country. A little bit more expensive, but also more convenient service for you.

Again you have 20% discount from Econt's tarif.

You pay your GGBG fee by cash on delivery.


GGBG delivery for Sofia

Our GGBG courier will deliver to your address.
We love this service as it gives us better connection with you.
Delivery of parcel up to 3 kilos - 5Lv.. For every kilo over 3 kg 0.50 Lv is added to the price.
Delivery to your door for a parcel under 20 kilos - 1 lv. (For delivery to tour door of a parcel that weighs more than 20 kilos, please make an enquiry)
Delivery to your door in a closed complex - 2 lv.
* The weight is rounded to the next whole digit. (For example 0.99 kg. = 1 kg., 1.01 kg. = 2 kg. etc.) All the parcels in one shipment are weighed together (For example: if you have 3 parcels by 300 g. each in one shipment you will pay as per 1 kg.)

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