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VIP Services:

VIP is a set of services which aim at faster and better servicing of your shipments
We have two types of VIP services:
VIP basic - price 10 BGN./parcel

- Receiving an email notification within a few hours after receiving your parcel at our address
- Receiving a photo of the package and, if requested, a photo of the contents
- Returning or resending a package in the same country (you must provide labels)
- Possibility to receive your parcels immediately after unloading on Bulgarian soil before the processing of all other parcels
- Covering damages at our fault up to 200 leva
VIP extra - price 20 BGN./parcel
Includes all services from the VIP basic package plus:
- Functionality test when possible
- Ability to repackage
- Returning or resending a package in the same country, where we organise the courier service (you don’t need to provide labels)
- Transport in an additional shock-proof container
- Possibility for additional insurance
The VIP service could be requested only after specifying the courier and providing a tracking number with a specific date for delivery.
Parcel insurance

- You can only sign up for a Parcel insurance after purchasing VIP extra package
- It is obligatory to present us a document certifying the value of the insured item
- The value of the insurance bonus is 2% of the value of the insurance
- The value of the insurance may not exceed the value of the insured item
- We can refuse insurance on our advice, so always contact us before you order
VIP subscriptions
VIP base - price 100 lv / month
VIP extra - price 200 BGN / month


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